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tieth day the lumbar glands of the same side will have become in-
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According to the oiSicial returns for Germany (1893), out of a total
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What precedes recalls multiple experience at Panama and Colon,
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about ten per cent., w^hile in Australia it is given as about seven per
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palate. Various theories have been assumed to account for these
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patients. If the disease was malaria, the joint action of the sodium
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pared with circumcised males (in Hawaii). *' These findings were
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tion. As in the lobar pneumonic phthisis, pleurisy is also a frequent
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lived seven weeks, and at the autopsy there was found softening of the
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Particularly helpful to Realtors, Attorneys, Financial
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this 4 bedroom. 4 bath quality home offers both. The
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cool bedroom, half dressed, to complete their toilet. Ladies will
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stroiig solution of the permanganate, apply on lint to the
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As a result of administration of Cecior. a latse-positive reaction
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This ti'eatment was faithfully followed, with no marked change in her
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3 Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. Ixxiii. 1890. * Pathologie Interne.
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however, that the covering around the neck should always be loose.
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dulness extending to the fifth rib, through which gastric tympany may
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Grof is of the ‘‘new” transpersonal school of parapsychology,
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When this process" of regeneration occurs to an extreme degree,
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culture and language. Our elected, constitutional government
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tuberculous animal, howsoever slightly affected, as unfit for use.
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cian.” I think that’s a lot of bunk. We have the privilege of
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practices. With the graying of America this implies more older
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modify climatic conditions and which necessitate continuous records in
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cats. As in the dog, the lungs are greatly involved, and contrary to
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the deeper air passages. Its absence in the sputum does not equally
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We are the one you have trusted for the past 20 years. Our 30 day
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adhesions. Treat every two or throe hours if indicated. A
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cians in Boston. They make it clear to patients that their practice
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see their ads sandwiched between the law firm of contingency.
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evening, without any warning, or without any special aggravation of his
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reports no effort has been made to differentiate the symptoms as occur-
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tems. The MCHC is truly elevated in the rare cases of
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served separately, as well as the expression of the face as a whole.
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findings in sixty-nine. The percussion findings in intrapulmonary
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the cure of tuberculosis are a more thorough knowledge on the part
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