Amantadine Hcl Brand Name

treatment he had no attacks. Then he began to have very
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pointed medical superintendent of the New State Tuber-
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22d, to attend the meeting of the Royal Society of Medi-
amantadine hcl brand name
sity of London, for an essay on the physiology of digestion.
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5th, Medical Director Walter K. Scofield, United States
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care should be taken not to employ stimulating remedies, which are
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boric dressing applied. Except for a slight rise in teni
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T. Fihronia, Sr.rcoma, and Fibromyoma of the Abdominal
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Foetus. Illustrations ai-e freely used in this section, and the text con-
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of the medical profession." It might be difficult to
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ment ; ordered home to await orders, when discharged
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tals were small and undev'eloped, like those of a ten-year-old girl.
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bly beriberi were reported among New England fishermen,
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Hull. — In New York, on Friday, .August 26th. Dr. Jos-
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hypothesis, the fact remains, however, that in all the cases in which the
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infection and of the incubation and infective periods.
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administered on alternate days throughout the whole
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Passed .\ssistant Surgeon, U. S. Public Heallh and ^L^l■int• Hospital
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vulvovaginitis and five of urethritis, sixty-one cases
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it had shrunken away from the teeth. However, it was
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contributions to medical science could not fail to see
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when shaken. Microscopically, few leucocytes were found ; but numerous

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