Benemid Contraindications

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vomiting are often marked. As the case advances the pulse becomes
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cells toward the periphery show much less exudate. The latter con-
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(3) Xeuritis. — The optic nerve derives its blood-supply from the an-
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sis), caused by the inhalation of mineral dusts; and (3) Siderosis,
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Conservation of the Ovary. By William A. Humphrey, M.D. .. 921
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increased after a time to 3ij — 8.0, two or three times daily). It should be
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The diagnosis of splenic pseudo-leukemia is to be made on the decided
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habitual ingestion are directly to produce degeneration of nearly all of
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In 1901, Dr. Bowen of Boston reported a series of cases of which
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are compara,tively uncommon. and cerebral symptoms are common.
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not met Avith frequently. The former is sometimes a symptom of stone,
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" Pylethrombosis may be regarded as probable if no other possible
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what I reported to this society one year ago. My results have been
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the dietetic treatment of diarrhea is largely bound up with the
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were affected in an e(pial proportion, (d) Age. — Most cases occur between
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the morning hours. Sometimes an irresistible desire to evacuate the
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mistakes, though the condition may be simulated more or less closely by
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The treatment is that of cerebral hemorrhage ; in some cases opera-
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selves to the slowly increasing pressure. However, a local irritative le-
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degeneration and endocardial and pericardial inflammations) may, how-
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Special Symftoms. — Pain is often relieved by potassium iodid. When
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Now, what we are going to do about it? Are we going to allow igno-
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the mucous membrane bulges like a hernia. This is owing to repeated
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would be reflected in a diminished quantity of indican in the urine. On
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of the sympatlietic system have been noted in a few cases.
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while the weight of cancerous livers in ordinarv cases varies between 3
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lating typhoid fever. Those under the second division manifest the
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Medicinal. — The drugs to be employed are the saline laxatives and the
originates in the gastro-intestinal capillaries, and depends upon poisons
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nuclear lesion. It occurs sometimes in diphtheria and in tabes dor-
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the medulla may prove fatal more quickly. In the slightest cases, per-
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type, however, it is productive of temporary benefit only.
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Here may also be found ulcers — some specific, and others the result of
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the progressive weakening of the heart-muscle, resulting in partial ex-
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urea. The mean specific gravity of a mixture of 1 part of urine and 7
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summer of 1894. Dr. Caverly of Rutland, Yt., then reported 126 cases
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due directly to an attack. Fatal accidents may, however, be caused by
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successfully by the patient himself. At intervals of three or four days
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Hygienic. — Pure air, wholesome food, and plenty of rest and sleep,
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Pathology. — Macroscopically, in a case of acute yellow atrophy the
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Definition. — A pathologic condition, characterized either by a
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of bismuth poisoning and one to the limitations and causes of failure
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mental phenomena as a temporary condition. A. J. Hall collected 39
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When the pus emits an offensive odor irrigation with a disinfecting
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noted, afld a peripheral neuritis, simple or multiple, is commonly though
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minute doses of cocain, dilute hydrocyanic or hydrochloric acid, bis-
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