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be employed in the male, by utilizing a suprapubic cystotomy
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2. Another condition of disease, to which the operation I am about to
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singly, the lepra bacilli always in large quantities in
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supplying the deficiency of oxygen. Its administration docs
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ally well supplied with the amount of air necessary. The num-
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which nature adopts in the cicatrisation of bone — to the phenomena observed
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high ; could not lie down on account of oppression ; rested much inclined
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out the succession of the spasms which he was destined to endure. At the
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scarcely any impediment; and on the 28ih of October, the nineteenth day
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or anesthetic? Yet that same man exhibits stolid and
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causes. In children the salicylates have to be used sparingly
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very familiarity with which the subject is treated by his pro-
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among them, we hope, the Army Medical Museum. It is an-
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uterus, which he has been following with constant success since
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and concluded his paper by a numerical analysis of twenty-one cases of
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simply atrophy of both optic nerves. The right pupil was
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insert the blades of a cutiing forceps, and to carry the instrument along the
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apparent. If physicians are to be consistent, something more
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Under the first class we find hundreds of cases Where

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