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State Commission in Lunacy, recently inspected the Dix
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the hiccoughing is the featme. As a condition it is
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eral health. Let tis look over some of the theories
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tinued and her mother remarked that she was unusually
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fifteenth century that we find the record of any accurate investigation
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frequently goes undetected. They occur in males of about fifty-five years of
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Orders directing to proceed to Fort Egbert, Alaska,
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tents of the prostatic follicles. It is not necessary
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tion before the therapeutic efficiency of tuberculin
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recent meeting of the board Dr. William T. Mdler, of
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stop the use of infected corn meal, which is thought to
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lacks, if I may so express it, the constancy of the
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been paid to the fermentative changes in the carbohydrates which are met
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burger, Klosterbrau, and Bartholomay's Xe Plus Ultra), one pint daily,
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of the hand within the vagina in the examination of the justo-minor
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a well marked systolic shock and a slight presystolic rum-
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phylaxis. With Special Reference to the Antibodies Con-
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ing as has now, over practically the whole civilized world,
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be not merely the family physician but a friend and
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been much pleased with it. When the appendix is in the normal position
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quence, a virtual torsion of the vertical meridian of
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Chinese, 93.4 per cent. ; Indians, 77 per cent. ; Japanese, 60 per cent. ;
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simple retroversion. Diseased adnexa can be removed at the same time.
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alcohol in their effect upon temperature under anaesthesia.
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gears. 12 — Brake handle. 14 — Metal cradle for holding lead
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val recruiting station, Cincinnati, Ohio, and ordered to
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decided upon, the further questions are as follows:
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elements of the organ. In virtue of one of its speci-
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ness. The afternoon and evening sessions were devoted
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able ; the influence was more marked in the tertiary lesions, less marked in
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scarlatina, and in many instances at a period which would suggest or necei<-
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