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tringents, and intestinal antiseptics will be required. Thus : —

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humani indoles phjsica et chemica, Otto de Grunewald; Succi gas-

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Hand-Book of Inorganic Chemistry ; for the use of Students. By William Gregory, M. D.,

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medicine into the ear; and this should always be ma<le tepid first: it is most

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that the meeting would be an enjoyable and profitable

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sue in after life from the loss of blood. I assured

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degree the purpose of selecting waste products from the blood, besides

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(C 6 H 5 ),C.C1 + H 2 S0 4 = (C 6 H 6 ) S C - O - S0 2 OH + HC1 .

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with just pride upon its assured influence in the com-

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latter makes its way to the kidneys, either in increased quantity or in

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to find the real conditions of muscular power, both with

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compensation in disease of the aortic and mitral valves, especially the

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The symptoms are, sudden tremors, particularly of the foro

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The tables on pages 521, 522 and 523 illustrate the time of excre-

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as to the enormity and danger of the practice ; 3, the earnest

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substance that in vitro lakes these corpuscles in the same way as bacterio-

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self-supporting and very extensive. Some houses have

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" physician class." Quoting Dr. Remondino, he says :

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llth. Pulse 140, rapid and very feeble; respiration 24, labored, thoracic, spasmodic. Thv

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this class of patients. In about five-sixths of the cases there is only one

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slowly. This affection is excluded if the paralysis occur suddenly without

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rology and Neurosurgery; Dr Meyer is Professor, Depart-

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Gynecological Society, entitled "The Modern Doctrine of Bacteriology,

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It is stated by some — especially by Ewing and Stone — that the

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