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and Briey has the red cross ; the privilege of which, he says very plainly,
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of the advantages of counterirritation is, that it gives certain and im-
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younger doctors are also located at the railway stations, and afford
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Arrangements are in process to carry on without delay the course of
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it is unfortunate that, notwithstanding all the Medical Council has done
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WHITEHAVEN COLLIERIES— Surgeon to the Howgill Division of.
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To Purchasers. — To insure attention. It is requested that all orders sent to the Office
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of the building, and its elaborate arrangements for the safety and com-
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tions. They W"Ould give plain and timely warning of the rise and pro-
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These were rather small, but perfectly normal ; and the patient could
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Special Departments. — There are Departments for Instruction in Ob-
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nulations. He detailed fully two cases. In one, the whole thickness
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circulated in reprint by the British Aid Society, in the ambulances at
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following remarks no pains will be taken to write on "medical educa-
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Rlo^aers from Fatherland, transplanted into English soil by himself, J.
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working officials of the Association. In their General Secretary they
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now to consider are not so very infrequent : they may, in some in-
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the Practice of Vaccination ; and of having attended not less than
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The agents employed for endometrial ingestions are thus com-
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The determination to send all or part to Corbeil has been resisted
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this Table denote respectively Winter and Summer Courses.
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tion in Arts, established by any of the Bodies named in Schedule (A)
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point, physical and anxsthetic qualities, and the name of the first ex-
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Arrangements had been made at the reception-room to receive

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