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have employed by me at my dispensary. Some of them were

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were cases of " sudden death," 10 were suicides, 22 were cases

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themselves ; comment, therefore, is unnecessary. The con-

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Sanitation, Ambulance Apparatus, etc. (Honorary Secretary,

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tion and could not, without external aid, return to its place.

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nental nations, save in the direction of the supervision of

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affected beyond that some enlarged vessels coursed over it.

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President delivered a short address explaining the objects of the Society,

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doubt that he had undertaken too much, but the extent of the

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after my long experience, I have never had cause (with

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revival is due to Professor Morisani, of Naples, but its adop-

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of the various important reports which will be submitted to

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Irish matters. This is very far from being the case. The classitication of

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tinuous Lembert's suture of silk. No attempt was made to

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tween it and the light. The pupil of right eve occasionally contracts,

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College ; G. S. Nickerson. Owens College; S. Pickering, Owens

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On February 2.Uh the temperature was 106\ the pulse imperceptible,

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case— to me quite inexplicable — tlieturaour, about the size of a

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note that enlarged tonsils or adenoid vegetations were present in Hi of

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French siege train (medal with thrtc clatps, and Turki-h medal) ■ with

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pages, and, as far as we can see, written with great impartiality

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immunity can only be arrived at by the inoculation of serum

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of diphthe'ia in men who speud their day in town, and are only at home

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Tlie services of Brigade-Surgeon-Lieutenant Colonel F. H. Blenkinsop,

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The report subniitVfd to the meeting marks a further step of progress in

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regions. There was no affection of vision during the

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were unattested by medical men. A long experience had

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(•f the general efficacy of these processes. This, then, is the

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men services which would have been greater it the resources

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em.ployed for drinking or bathing purposes, concludes the

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recognised : for rarely are boys sized for their games, unless

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tion with the actual cautery, dressing the patch with Peruvian

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