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Medical College, the Freedmen's Hospital, and the Small-

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two or three days, but the child continued at school and

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certainly tending to forfeit every vestige of respect. The

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It is a noteworthy fact that carbolic acid is volatile, which can

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modified animals and the recognition that human and animal

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to enture hi independence, and that it have the right to hire its stiff. With the right

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ant. I have never used plaster of Paris, but have no doabt of

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committee called for March 12, 1885, and also the result of the

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factors might increase effective functioning of that commission. My

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very important topic about life-sustaining treatment, because it

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Two centuries ago, there was no such people in England

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takes place, and applies spirits of hartshorne, olive

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of camel's hair brush of solution of nitrate of silver,

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pus nor serum discharged; no choroid plexus, or evidence

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ture of the congested organ or of a neighboring organ.

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venberg, of Ulster County ; Dr. N. C. Hasted, of Westchester

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in 1871. Report of Dr. L. B. Todd, Treasurer, read and

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did it fail to act. This was a case of dropsy conse-

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by men in connection with the privacy, the sanctity, the

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shows. There are only two publications of Sir Charles

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the " Buffalo Medical and Surgical Journal," incomplete ; the

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to which he refers in support of his opinion, appears to

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receives at the hands of the gynse-atrics. Still gentle-

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Is easily said, but is it quite as easy to do ? M. C. con-

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the names of the Delegates announced to the President

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parently indifferent in suffering it to occur; and the

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no instrument without a conscientious certainty of its being as

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gradually, the rest of the water, solution of salt,

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ble, can only be acquired by long and careful observation

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proper, and he will often discover, that his hesitating

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5. Pneumonia treated exclusively by tonic medication.

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determining the extent of the area of cardiac dullness. "We

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The differential diagnosis between haematoma on the one

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bustion ; the danger no longer proceeds from the organ-

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tle difficulty in demonstrating to various gentlemen the

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platinum porte-nitrate with a long handle ; place the pa-

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or incomplete inversion ; yet there is even at the present

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20.39 per cent ; total all other diseases, 34,223 ; deaths

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the health of the Confederate troops improved upon short

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of polite literature. Such an act requires heroic deter-

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half in size. As for the binding, neither can boas!

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searches of Bayle and Louis prove that, in the working

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that the organ had been already strangulated, and that it

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