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ren, chairman) had the meeting in charge, and made it one of

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He has now a large surgical practice, and as a gynajcol-

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you require chemical and physiological analogies. You may not

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of the irritation excited in certain portions of the nervous system by the

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contributions have been about fifteen in number, and have dealt

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members, I present for your consideration one of these, to me,

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point of our discussion. We will presently return to it. Cases

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Case 11. — Mrs. M., fracture of tibia and fibula : forty seconds.

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Dr. Lougee asked if Dr. Porter had ever removed an ovary

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then the result would not have been deciding, as both lines so intimately anasto-

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time ; he then attended the Rush Medical College at

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Paralysis," read before the Medical Society of the County

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best and most advanced thought of the day, on these important

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^ birthday, Dr. Wyckoff did not surrender professional duty until

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really progressive medical profession of the metropolis, a medical

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however, of our present knowledge of ovulation, menstruation,

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present war bring to light a fourth phase, in which treat-

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In educational work relative to his profession, Dr. Brown has taken

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nurses and employes of the hospilai, showing the esteem

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soon subsided : but the left, from the knee downward, swelled to

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find ourselves, at the very outset, lingering over the frank ad-

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ducive to the welfare of humanity, let us not be so dazzled by

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We have already noted above that the inflammatory changes frequently

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ton in Forforshire. Two more Skenes were soldiers, and

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this is sometimes accompanied with trembling of the limbs.

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