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dermatological societies, and to observe how every now and then a
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Radcliffe Crocker, Mackenzie, Jamieson, and myself in this country.
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■ the decomposition ; caproic, caprilic, and other fatty acids being formed
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and the swings of the pointer are counted. The first 2 or 3 swings
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alone before the appearance of any lesions elsewhere ; in this case the
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tom has decreed that woman must wait to be wooed, and
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structure — in some places cells predominating, in others fibres. There was
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features remain childish, often accompanied with an infantile voice ;
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on the province of men, the medical women of Georgian
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depend upon the restitution of memory, and upon the nature and persist-
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heen a long lasting confusion between these two affections.
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The extraordinary and abiding prostration which may follow influenza
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unless you have skulls. Each of you must find means, any
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sexual desire becomes dominant, and may lead to immoral and filthy
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The disease affects the young of both sexes very commonly in winter
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during the five years ending 1895, was 8 per cent, being in the pro-

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