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pancreas was especially hard. Riedel has in very rare cases noticed a

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the fame as for horfes, and the dofes of their medi-

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owing to the frequency of the infection, the aggregate amount of suffer-

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much more than women, probably because they eat and drink more. Of

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even thofe of Barbary, are of Arabian extri.c":ion.

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by constipation. Lienteric diarrhoea may also occur, coming on directly

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country. As in England there has been little of either epidemic or sporadic

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swallowed in fracture of the base of the skull, in epistaxis, and in bleeding

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delirium, and sleeplessness, hypodermic injections of morphine, early in the

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scores of cases of early tuberculosis are treated every year for ague.

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It generally begins in one joint on one side, and then spreads. Another

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D, eingeri {D. pulmonale, D. westermanni) (Fig. 71), a very thick,

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respiration. The temperature rises, and may reach 102° or 103°. The

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when the motion is performed with rapidity, there is an inftant

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Moss^ and Jansky,* that all human beings fell into one of four groups,

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the physiological and public health aspects of this subject and, as a

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diffuse inflammation of the submucosa, due to bacterial invasion, ending

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Periwincle (c) ; to give him to drink, in his water,

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medicines as poflible ; and on noaccount to imitatethe

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to fet. The fheep will, by this means, be kept cool,

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Treatment.— If the case is seen early, with the view of getting rid

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duct is not dilated ; when it is compressed by a growth, cysts do not form

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collected and grouped the reports of cases of poisoning from canned

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the eye aii<l ear hospital fur soldiers at Folkestone. Kngland.

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of the patient, ice should be added. If facilities for the cold bath are not

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that the bacillus is the cause of the disease with which it is uniformly,

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nothing to suggest a cause. The clot may occupy the whole or only

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immobile mass, usually tender, and having transmitted pulsation from the

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of portions of the bowel with gas, in connection with such localised

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