Bactrim Vs Dapsone Vs Pentamidine

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wine is, they will be a good deal better prepared than they are

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bold obtrusiveness to bring reproach upon the profession to Which

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being. It is light and convenient to carry when traveling . . . can be used in homes hav-

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the Seas because of his wide service, saw the transi-

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Wlien the febrile state has disappeared, tannic acid may be

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of the Committee on Medical Benevolence, as reported

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fellow of the Medical Society of Virginia who presents during

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cumbersome, less definite pharmaceutical preparations which cus-

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erated from the frozen state. The reactions from plasma

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three years, I think common sense and experience mean

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ness, effort syndrome, and even aeroneurosis are often

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We shall not spoil the pleasure our readers will derive from

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worthy of considerate judgment. Physicians previously

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to the family is explained the seriousness of the situa-

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in such a condition that influences which in a more mature state,

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Dr. Harris: Isn’t that $162,000 they have on hand?

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fever induced by the intravenous use of specific vaccine

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same of potassium bromide, in an ounce of menstruum. The

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tary of War for the formation of a general hospital

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and what not to do when a relative becomes mentally ill.

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justice that has been administered to the Medical Asso-

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benefited psychically as well as physically. They had

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Doctor.— "Ben, what's your face so bunged up for ?"

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professor gives the following prescription to all young physicians

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This book is splendidly illustrated and well indexed.

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will be observed, and while one cannot always make a

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Baltimore City Hospitals. 593 illustrations. Phila-

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sions, and on state boards of health. Such positions

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to almost a month, usually ten to fourteen days. Dur-

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The first case (Fig. 1) illustrates the use of sul-

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hospitals. Arrangements must be made with the local

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veloped urticaria and wheezing. It was also found that

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vania, through its House of Delegates, recognizing the far-reach-

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in the year a request was made by the University, and

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cause it answers so thoroughly all questions pertaining

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ministration of Sulfathiazole, J. A. M. A., 118: 955, March 21,

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Franklin William C. Schultz, Jr., Waynesboro Robert S. Baylor, Jr., Waynesboro

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space, but the light that falls on the book, as commonly

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I do think that his talk emphasizes the wide scope of

bactrim vs dapsone vs pentamidine

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