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relapsing fever the intellect remains clear, or there may be delirium

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there is no bathtub at hand, a hip bath may be arranged for this pur-

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accounts for much of the decrease of consumption of spirits,

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drink a quart, more or less of water, and with it take thirty-

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erythromycin 333 mg capsule

lapse than the intense and intelligently applied excitation by cold.

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well known. When, however, warm procedures are combined with

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viting help to diet, especially in hot weather, but it is quite

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acetanilide, phenacetin, and such like — have proved great

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secretion into the trachea. Diechler-Kurlow claimed that there was

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cholera can be effectively preserved by a 0.5 per cent, solution of car-

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fever or while the child is convalescent. In debilitated or strumous

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])entically administer sannietto in teas]ioonfnl doses four times a

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(7) Congenital or acquired contraction of the orifice of the pulmonary

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betes, probably not only is the oxidation of carbohydrates

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has only three per cent, of alcohol, but it will not do. In these

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Dr. James Gray, of Glasgow, gave rennet, to change the

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the liver, and the blood. The bacillus typhosus is demonstrable in the

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try, or its equivalent; baked white potato or sweet potato,

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are a common and serious complication, and when the pa-

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and that, therefore, early statistics of this disease are apt to be mis-

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and cases in all stages, are mingled in unutterable confusion and ad-

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sound, exaggerated reflexes, and often muscular rigidity before the

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and spine a douche or affusion of 60° or less, lasting thirty to fifty

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touching the normal level in a few hours ; the decline, however, is less

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li(pnir is nece>sarv and propi r for the in-atment of the jialicnt,

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of the lungs must be carefully compared, since in bronchial catarrh there

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This is a beautiful theory, and really the theory to-day

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Well, pardon me, I did not start out to write a treatise on

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