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than sixty of the ninety-one counties in the State are accessible from

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Examples of equal interest might be drawn from the history

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edge would be more excusable than in unnatural cases. The

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or twice a day. "We have frequently found a simple solution of morphine

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its maximum of size in the arched portion of the vessel,, where it

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regard to any theory ; and the beneficial result of the use of seemingly

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encourage those readers who might not otherwise be inclined

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imagination guided his experiments (if he made any), instead

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was an homoeopath, who took the fees of the old man with an un-

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(5) gastric cancer; (6) pyloric stenosis; (7) gastric crises of

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and a half inches longer. At this point the vessel resumed its

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time, a rocking motion of the whole limb on the pelvis. My idea

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drives the blood away from the skin, and it retards the circulation

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sufferings were quickly appeased, but the most remarkable cir-

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it is interesting to remember that an eye which has

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should be carefully excised. The iris should be firmly

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enough sulphate of morphine, to allay the excessive sympathetic

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pendicular^ from the surface, become thinner from the very day

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the rectococcygeal raphe. When these fibers reach the side of

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longer standing,, either from their increase ©f bulk, or the super-

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not based upon correct diagnosis, and as this is by far the most difficult

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ing him a drachm and a half of the powder, divided into eight

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" Secondly, excitors to the secretory system, resulting in the

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nal of Medicine, July, 1857. From this time until his death he con-

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diachylon plaster, in the treatment of ulcers and certain cutaneous

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which is contrary to known fact and to analogy ; if power be

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some individuals retain the perception of pain after the loss of

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being found even in the morning. Rod bacilli (bacillus vibrio)

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of each pain. Although very much opposed to the administration

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I wish to call special attention to the care of the sphincters

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before the dresses.' And in two days she produced her drama,

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is stretched, the lowest pile caught up in a rat-tooth forceps, the

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have, by the example of our patriotism, the stamp of nationality, in

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December 5 and 6. — She had recuperated considerably, though it was

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cific remedy in epilepsy ? I am compelled to answer, No ! And

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limbs, face, and respiratory muscles might be observed. On touch-

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and congestion, and a deficient secretion of bile. But these

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