Innopran Xl Vs Inderal La

ture of the interior of the body; and, after the injection, the operator, in
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of the latter kind, that is, when the nervous centres are organically
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most obstiimte cases In the hospitals have recovered under the remedy.
the injection. In one experiment, where the first count was made
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the above siiecies a native of Eur >pe, and naturalizeil in this country,
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entitle an alcoholic solution of one of the volatile oils to the officinal
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tion, or as an attendant on other diseases, it is extremely obstinate and
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it an anodyne enema, and a sinapism over the abdomen. When the
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small wonder, when the opportunity arises, if the old
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but it is not nutritive;, and keeps its place at table more from
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grains, or an equivalent proportion of morphia or one of the liquid pre-
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medicines, maintaining that all substances which act on the system are
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The question now occurs, admitting the effects of medicines to afford
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