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power, as now explained, sheds a light altogether new upon chemical

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with it its own peculiar curse as well as blessing, and

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interior of the opening in particular cleaned with it in a proper

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prepared from the returns forwarded annually to the

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and without the division of tendons. It is only jus-

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with the forceps, and the interior of the canal completely

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but no information is given them. They arc/eiec^and

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ance with those truths, a knowledge of which fits the j^atho-

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affected by either heat or cold. In the arm, the con-

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possess and put in action the result, and likewise from

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will find a case of subcutaneous tubercular syphilide

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rise to a sound. As the air is moved along the bron-

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rock is a greyish sandstone, so far- as I have been

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must have been in the oesophagus and cov.ld not have

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therefore, all these gTand displays of oratory from

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laborious task of arranging for him all information

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I then taught him to pass the catheter tlu-ee times

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ment of fever ; namely, by statistics, which ajipeai-s

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the result of its two common causes — viz., ulceration

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Obstruction in old ii-reducible hernia3 occasionally

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' quantity of material, varjdng from seven and a half

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long continued leucoiThcea, of prolonged lactation,

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nnder the influence of a Cuba at the time. We are surprised that

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we may add, to the public at large, than if the legal

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then one of the most frightful diseases we can wit-

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and had never again been for more than forty years,

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vegetable, and the entozoa in the animal kingdom, where every

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jjUcations requiring especial treatment for any se-

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sublimioris intelligentia ; il faut avoir 1'esprit plus fort. Mulier

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ments, galvanism, shampooing, the hot air bath, and

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to sj^ecialties, we come to an almost similar conclu-

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epidemic, he considered to illustrate a possible source

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fractures of the skull and their varieties, and after

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cerebral affection existed ; yet a large abscess of the brain,

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