Metanx Mthfr

as succinctly as is consistent with their correct conception. Mere


as a general rule; the more enduring the stimulation applied, the


observe on every hand the most perfect antiseptic precau-

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All cases of sore throat should be examined for the Klebs-Lbfiier bacil-

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neys can do more than is normally required of them, as in

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Hereditary influence plays an important role. (9) Conditions of ill health,

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association. Uterine tuberculosis is rare, and its origin is usually attrib-

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of the power to man. The original force is in the heat of the

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which bears it is a very rare one; indeed, I am in doubt as

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riage " ; their only study, "babies"; their ambition ■"home and

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Moreover, Bouchard has shown that an excess of acid in the blood

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(c) Expectoration. — At the beginning the sputum is scanty and mu-

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Profound prost7'ation develops early ; the skin presents an icteroid

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and as large adherent scars covering the end of the bone arc coni-

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heat radiation increased. Radiation depends upon the condition of the

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directly in proportion to the strength of the vaccine. His Highness the

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medical journals juiblislu'd in Ontario, and Doctors ilorton, Parry

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meninges and cortex, and causing meningo-encephalitis. Very rarely

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normal. Under these circumstances the temperature-curve resembles

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that day the organization of the hospital, as far as using the

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Chloral is more certain in its action than the above agents, but I

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extensive, it being valuable in all chronic cases in which defective tis-

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This may arise consequently upon extension of a tuberculous process

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usually eat them with salt, like roasted potatoes, or with

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very restless, a stimulant may be administered — fsj (32.0) of whiskey,

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In one of the two exceptions mentioned, the gauge truly indicated the

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ply contract more vigorously, and force the blood which has, by

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ond collected on the center of a clean cover-glass, which is immediately

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greatly changed. The prudent gouty man must semi-starve

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in the uninvolved portion of the lung. Where the accumulation

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except in the rare instances in Avhich acute dilatation of the heart en-

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milk. Gradually increase the diet, and in three or four weeks

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the deaf and dumb should both hear and talk, but practically,

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minded to a distressing degree. My ordinary duties became a burden, a de-

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wine. The ancients used these spirits as medicine alone.

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produces ulceration. At the same time it finds its way into

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pilocarpine, numerous cultures of these staphylococci were found. In

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of New York City, has given us the best paper on the tech-

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* Transactions of the New York State Medical Society, 1889.

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after cold or alternating procedures. These effects will be more

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Being articles of the materia medica, there is no reason why

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