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drink, never arises : it is recognised on all hands that their drunken

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more recognised, of the physiognomy and psychology of many ordinary

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be mischievous. Yet Briquet recommends cold application for hysterical

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"To poll ! You are mad ! Get to bed instantly. I won't

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Still more curious and suggestive is the origin of psoriasis on the

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face in old persons, may never infect the glands at all. Such growths

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have the usual structure of fine fibrous tissue arranged concentric-

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solution of perchloride of iron into a small nsevus of the face. Injections

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on the breasts of the ladies, and staring them out of coun-

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found in the patient's writings, and therefore he should be always

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transverse form ends in softening, or is associated with ascending sclerosis

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treatment other than operative is practically nil. In the most severe

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infiltration decreases in quantity from below upwards ; the papilla is

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changes must have been going on during the continuance of symptoms ;

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have festered. Conversely I have traced the origin of those forms of

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of digestion. Alcoholic liquors should be forbidden, or very strictly

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of five or six ; but in older children there is often a difficulty in discovering

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and arthritis deformans), which show no relation to the psoriasis in their

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or into that of another person. When the bullae occur, as often they do,

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performed appears to make no difference, but the affection only occurs when

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which the forceps was employed to deliver living children who died

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result of stress and solitude or the grim reality of a homicidal impulse.

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Willan restricted the name Lepra (Grsecorum) to those eruptions which

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Archives ginirales de mAdecine, 2nd series, p. 74; 1834. —30. Von Petersen.

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and inanition, — this may happen in cases of hysterical anorexia, or of

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done for the paralysed limbs. In cases of birth palsy, on the other hand

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course it is evident that such a plea as " obsession," or the execution of

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whole of the skin, from the crown of the head to the soles of the feet,

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from the symptoms present in any one case for us to say definitely which

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closer resemblance to the Lymphodermia perniciosa of Kaposi, which is,

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may be an inch and a half in diameter, and may extend deeply through

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but indeed less so. The truth is that neurasthenia is found no more in

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women, — in the ratio of about 3:2; and that the relative proportion

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