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tious, but caused by dietary deficiency ? In the first place it will be at

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was, as in the case of macroglossia, occlusion followed by stasis and

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tabulation. Of the eight survivors, six had their initial attack in 1911

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ample amount of thrombin. In the case of purpura hemorrhagica

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given recently in order to get specimens of the spinal fluid. This showed no

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than normal, and Boyce and Beadles 36 mention the presence of a

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TABLE 14. — Behavior During the Fourth Year of the Disease of Those

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in abundance in many of the polymorphonuclear cells present, and in an oxydase

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It is only by their effects, indirectly produced, upon the muscle

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above and below the elbow of from 2 to 4 cm. has often been demonstrated. At

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tion to and from a fat-poor diet. The dots represent the percentage of fat in

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great majority of our cases, especially up to the 6th month, were breast-

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regarding neurasthenia as a form of suppressed gout.

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Introduction : The present paper is an introduction to a study of

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some experiments in which he weakened the action of the left ven-

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ened heart; Baly three ruptures, and Ollivier and Andral recorded

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8. Ewart, William : Cardiac Outlines. London : Bailliere, Ty ndall and Cox, 1892.

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ment of subcutaneous abscesses, few or numerous, localized or widely

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Underbill. Frank P.: The physiology of the amino-acids (Book Review) 428

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the coagula should be entangled — horse-hair, catgut, watch springs,

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the tissues above or below the sulcus terminalis, and further, that inter-

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millimeters was taken as the pressure necessary to overcome the capil-

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cough. Pain is severe; at first it is a sense of constriction about the

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on a mixed diet, a retention of nitrogen and chlorin coincident with a

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G. P. G., Pellagrin 55, aged 19, moved in March, 1912, to a house in the

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toward the mucous surface. The mucous membrane itself tends to

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lum. They seem to take their origin from the lacunae or sinuses de-

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suffered recurrence after two or more consecutive years of freedom

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Pellagrin 672 : B. D., boy, was born in the spring or summer of 1910. The

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This caution is necessary, as some cases are very susceptible to the ac-

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disease. The injections of thyroid extract were made with antiseptic

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at once by morphine, especially when given subcutaneously.

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* 178. Berry : British Medical Journal, June, 1891.

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6. Joachim: Arch. f. d. ges. Physiol., 1893, 588; Wien. klin. Wchnschr., 1902,

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