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then suddenl^^ lost the power of moving the left upper and lower ex-
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less flushed, as in cases of symptomatic fever. There is not that degree
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Curling, Assistant Surgeon to the London Hospital, and.
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mesencephalic root at the end of the paper. A still more caudal
on more than one occasion observed within their cavity a milky
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is published Quarterly, on the first of January. April. July, and October. Ench num-
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tons fevers. The continued fevers, t^'phus and typhoid, have also an
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meningitis. If it occur without extravasation or softening, the local con-
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a saccharine condition of the blood, is, however, to be preferred to either.
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disease in some beiug very severe, or malignant, and in others unusually
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was acute bronchitis, i employed it in conjunction with local de-
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stomach nor spleen. The intestine was divided into two parts,
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other analogous cases could be brought forward. We find that
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iliac tenderness is wanting. Tliis differential diagnosis is required chiefly
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affected branch is sometimes resorted to. The long-continued and ex-
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of cerebellum and stem. Very likely this brain was two years
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that the symptoms are dependent on disease within the head,
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or violent movements of parts in which the affected nerves are situated.
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Thus, trifacial and cervico-occipital neuralgia are not infrequently asso-
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thigh. Moreover, febrile movement, general debility, emaciation, etc., in
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pathological character, and causation, which have been presented under
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fevers, for the disease has prevailed where intermittent and remittent
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evening the temperature was 100'^. Under the free use of quinia, the
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polar cells seen. The process of this cell could not be followed
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into the alimentary canal of the ova from tienia. The taenia which furnish
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thereby the degree of secondary fever and danger from exhaustion. Of
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facial muscles accompany the acts of speaking. The articulation is thick
retin a cream uk ebay rank among works of its class, and the present , 1876.
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nicated to her. The paroxysms, which were often frequent and severe,
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Fig. 17 Lateral view of the 'nasaP organ of Petromyson marinus. The
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tastes by the tongue, would lead to the inlerence, that in that bird
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passes ventral to the otic ganglion and terminates in the tensor
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of this gangUon, which thus quite certainly contain no general
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on a new attack of their complaint. To this summary I may add, that,
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communicate with those of the second, third, and fourth spaces
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worse, and directed her to get to bed, to have the bowels
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in 34 cases to be 3 pounds, 8|- ounces avoirdupois. The weight, howevei',
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logical conditions. However, when entire averages are taken,
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fears be not removed by positive assurances from the ph^'sician, he is apt
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lo the above, in the same Journal for June, lS'3i.—Ibid.
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pus in the urine, in conjunction with more or less pain and constitutional
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tected by vaccination. Materially modilied, as respects the events of its
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rect, the state of the organs complicated in fever is really one of
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