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that every physician should have a certain acquaintance with " the
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kidneys, and heart, which we have already mentioned.
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cavity has been perforated, the best results will be got from
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other, with their eyes shut, which healthy persons could not have
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skin, just as catarrh is the most common affection of the mucous mem-
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lips, the resulting ulcers, especially those at the angles of the mouth,
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have already mentioned the beneficial effect of the preparations of
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there are others in which the peripheral expansions of the nerves
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spreads to the arms, legs, and body, and sometimes to the face.
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dural Injections of Magnesium Sulphate in Tetawus, 545 ; Treatment of
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through the petrous bone. 3. By agents which involve the peripheral
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ANATOMICAL APPEAKANCES. It will be most convenient to
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but most of them have been laid on the shelf for years. However,
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gouty diathesis, to an attack of anomalous gout. We are only justified
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tween the cortical and pyramidal substances there is a sort of " neutral
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aris, or with a continuous coating of thin desquamating layers of
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by some hours, and still more often by some days, of general disturb-
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ment of rachitis. We would particularly recommend the administra-
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coexisting. Molluscum contagiosum (epithelioma molluscum of Vir~
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distinguished as carcinomata are to be included in this category.
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ently because the empty, dry bronchi offer no opposition to the escape
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sound, a local examination will not always reveal the existence of
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By spermatorrhoea, in the strict sense, is understood a condition
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the protective agencies which are available in the patient's
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water until a contracted and almost colourless clot shall have been obtained.
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ation of urine which shows this reaction cannot be ascribed to the
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and liniments, placed in a hot bath containing mustard or caustic pot-
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inferior turbinal. The wound in the mouth may be stitched
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generally impaired in such cases, the hyperaesthesia being pure and
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the mouth, rectum, or hypodermic injection, and by hot compresses
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hard. It is the same with the shortness of breath. Sometimes the

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