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orerfilled, and at others to decrease in size from containing less blood.
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interesting problem. They occur far more frequently in malignant endocarditis,
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Just think what we could do in North Carolina, in some of our
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clear that he was intra quatuor maria. Then the question is, whether, al-
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cludes from his investigations that sensitiveness to pain stands in close relation to
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vegetable (specify if possible); 7, neurogenic; 8, general systemic dis-
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were considered as a sure presage of that success which has attended
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May be had of all respectable Chemists, Perfumers, etc.
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staring us in the face it becomes a mooted question whether the late-day
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in regai'd to this remedy, that to make it almost a specific, " the seeds
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essary appliance for the successful treatment and the
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From the Department of Pathology, Medical College of
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the back and abdomen will often persuade him to be temporarily
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(pphed to Wrexham in North Wales, I found the proportion of lead to be
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But whether that be so or not, the answer is given that he has
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greatest importance in the uric-acid diathesis. Certain
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tongue. Consequently the arrival of these refugees from
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There is no doubt that, upon a close criticism of each of the positions assumed
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daily patient participation was 59, and the average participation per pro-
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perience, that in practice they are found so often to fail
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Six ulcerations, of a centinutre in diameter, replace
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J£ the tumor grows, it usually approaches the median line. Very
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as much the more complicated ; and though laparotomy may present serious dif-
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tion cure for all cases of morphinism as it would be to do so in any other dis-
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various forms during his youth, complained of pain already for
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losis presents no definite symptoms. It occurs some-
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St. Mary's Hospital, P.addixgton.— Physician ; Lecturer on Botany.
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No. 7. Refrigerator. No. 8. Sink. No. 9. Stove. No. 10. Sterilizer.
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the tissues results in a loss of that normal healthy
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made with red-hot iron at once arrested the bleeding, and the woman was
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should have been prevented for this reason. He believed the
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OiiiliilU'. 'I 'lie wounds eo 111 plot tl\ broke don 11 .ilid i;.ipi.d in the reiii.iiniiit;
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The chapters devoted to liectal Surgery are nearly equal
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RosenbacKs test is a modification of Gmelin's, and is more distinct. The
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glass reaches the mouth. It knocks against the teeth, the nose, and the

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